Summer Hiatus

Alternate title: "Why My Podcast has Podfaded this Summer"

My poor podcast. After a spring where we had one child sick for every day in the month of April (not the same child, they took turns) I thought I could get back into recording biweekly at the beginning of June but here it is middle of July and no more recordings.

The biggest problem is the good weather, combined with busy children activity schedules. To give you an idea of how this contributes to no podcast episodes, let me describe my typical week day.

5:50 - Alarm goes off, start getting ready for the day

6:10 - 7:00 - Breakfast, take care of small Eve industry and market tasks, maybe play a game for a bit.

7:00-7:30 - Drive to work

7:30 - 4:30 - Work :( Two or three times a week exercise gets an hour in here too

4:30-5:00 - Drive home

5:00-6:00 - Help get supper ready and sit down and eat. Sometimes this goes to 6:30 if the dinner prep is late started.

~6:00-6:30 - Clean up

6:30-7:30 - Parenting time - play games with kids, go on bike rides, help with reading, go to park, etc.

7:30 - 8:00 Bed time routine

Note: that block from 5:00 to 8:00 is assuming there is no activity any of the children need to go to, and right now that means Thursday night only. Monday and Wednesday Wilmick7 goes to JiuJitsu, Tuesday Aarjay10 goes to swimming lessons, later Wednesday Terjoe goes to Dance lessons, and Friday Aarjay10 has Soccer. So either my wife or I am out of the house for an extra hour or two every night except Thursday, increasing the workload.

8:00 - ~8:20 While Mrs Kodachi finishes putting the kids to bed and getting into her relaxing pajamas, I play a quick round of something like Overwatch or World of Warships assuming there is no more cleanup required.

8:20 - 10:00 Husbanding time - spend some one on one time with the wife, catch up on the day's news, make decisions about future events, etc.

10:00 - 10:30 - get ready for bed, play a little more quick game, then crash

Worth noting that from 8:00pm onward I'm pretty exhausted.

Now in the winter time that block from 6:30 to 7:30 is where we usually sit down every second week and record the podcast, but in the summer time its hard to justify going downstairs to the rec room when the world outside is so warm and inviting. Hence why the podcast suffers so in these months whereas in winter its easier to rationalize.

What about the weekend you ask? Well, weekends is full on family mode with activities and trips to museums or extended family visits, etc. The few quiet hours I get the kids are busy playing their own computer games and I am zonked and just want to chill, neither very conducive to recording. The one night a week I'm excusing from Husbanding Duty is Sunday nights when I run my infamous Aideron Sunday Night Fleet so no time to podcast there.

All of this is to say don't expect a lot of episodes between now and September :P

In the meantime, listen to this new promo I'll be putting into future episodes!

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